Jaeeon Lee

I am a postdoc in Rui Costa's Lab at Columbia Zuckerman Institute. I obtained my Ph.D at Harvard under Bernardo Sabatini in 2021. Before, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Bio-engineering at KAIST in 2015.

I am broadly interested in circuit mechanisms of learning and computations relevant for decision making. I have experience with anatomical tracing, optogenetics, in vivo extracellular recording, and data analysis using machine learning.

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Work during my Ph.D in Sabatini lab

Striatal indirect pathway mediates exploration via collicular competition

Jaeeon Lee*

, Bernardo Sabatini
Nature (2021) ,


We dissected the functional impact of stimulating the striatal D2 indirect pathway, on behavior and neural dynamics in a downstream region (colliculus). We show that D2 pathway can both suppress and trigger movement on the contra/ipsi side respectively. This can be explained by paradoxical excitaiton of contralateral SC. We propose a general circuit mechanism for exploration mediated by basal ganglia-collicular circuit.

Anatomically segregated basal ganglia pathways allow parallel behavioral modulation

Jaeeon Lee*

, Wengang Wang, Bernardo Sabatini
Nature Neuroscience (2020)


We show topographical loops starting from striatum to Pf, VM and SC in the mouse brain. Segregated pathways in medial vs ventrolateral striatum modulate turning/licking behavior respectively, confirming parallel organization of BG output pathways.

Depth-resolved fiber photometry with a single tapered optical fiber implant

Filippo Pisano*, Marco Pisanello*, Suk Joon Lee,

Jaeeon Lee

, et al
Nature Methods (2019)


We show the application of tapered fibers in depth-selevtive photometry. We simultaenously recorded dopamine signals in dorsal/ventral striatum in the same mouse and show signals can diverge at specficic behavioral events.

Design and source code from Jon Barron's website